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DIY Wedding Bouquet

Written by Abby Larson w/ Style Me Pretty

Variety of Florals
Scissors or Pruning Sheers
Floral Wire
Floral Tape
Glue Gun

1. Gather Tools. Cut the ends of the stems on a 45 degree angle with the proper flower tool or scissors so as to not damage stems and give them a fresh cut prior to beginning so they get a good drink of water. If possible, cut stems under water.

2. Remove Foliage. Remove the thorns, and any foliage off the bottom half of the stems before you begin.

3. Lay your flowers out on the table, blooms facing toward you. Start off with the largest flower to form the center. Hold the stem between your thumb and first finger on the left hand, about 6-8 inches from the base of the flower head.

4. Now with your right hand, add about 4- 6 stems to frame your center flower, evenly and just below the flower head to help fill in the bouquet, criss-crossing the stems on an angle and rotating the bouquet as you work. The goal is to create a point where all the stems cross each other.

5. Point the blooms toward you as you work — not the stems. Continue to hold the bouquet and place 5-6 stems of the same type of flowers evenly around, turning the bouquet clockwise, and inserting the stems at a 45 degree angle. Continue adding flowers for the next round, arranging these flowers slightly lower. Keep the bouquet a gentle rounded shape across the top. Criss-cross all the stems, and give the bouquet a quarter turn clockwise after adding a few stems. Secure stems in place with floral tape.

6. Continue adding flowers and foliage stems, turning the bouquet around clockwise until the bouquet is the desired size. Secure all your stems together with floral tape, winding it firmly around several times in the same place as before.

7. Cut the ends off the flower and foliage stems, so they are about 6-8 inches long and all the same length. Spray lightly everything with water. Finish off the bouquet by wrapping a length of wide ribbon around the stems to cover the tape.

8. You will want to keep the bouquet in water over night and in a cool place. Preferably a refrigerator, just be careful not to let the flowers hit the edge of the shelves as it will cause them to turn brown

Keep it Rustic: Rustic Ring Bearer Outfits


As a wedding is perhaps the most classic and traditional of ceremonies, it only stands to reason that each male who participates in this sacred, time-honored rite will be dressed in his most elegant finery; up to and including the spirited young ring bearer that plays such an important role in the ceremony. Indeed, he even might choose to wear a style of fashion that harkens back to yesteryear.

Rustic ring bearer outfits are, in a unique way, the wave of the future in terms of wedding wear—everything old is new again! And they stand as the ultimate symbol of sacred ceremonial tradition.

Rustic ring bearer outfits come in a variety of cloths and fabrics—all, however, tend to come complete with an unmistakable ‘old world’ look.

Whether made of sleek silk or more traditional cotton, muslin or tweed, rustic ring bearer outfits tend to come in classic shades such as…

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Announcement: Engaged

On December 25th 2013 my boyfriend of almost four years asked me to marry him! I said YES! With that stated I would like to change the direction of my blog into being more informative of the wedding plan process, also I added new t-shirt designs to check out as well. So stay tuned to all the new changes that will be made over the next several days!



Lemon Water


Lemon (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)


Lemon goes perfectly with water. Some may even go as far as saying they are a match made in heaven… I’ve started incorporating drinking water with lemon every day, which is making me  feel more energized than ever. I have been recently doing some research on the health benefits associated with drinking water with lemon, I decided to make it a part of my daily diet. Lemons are packed with natural vitamins and minerals that are key to your general health.

Here are three reasons why you should combine water with lemons:

  • It’s a natural energizer! It hydrates and oxygenates the body so it feels revitalized and refreshed.
  • It’s cleansing. According to NaturalNews.com, the citric acid in lemons helps maximize enzyme function, which stimulates the liver and aids in detoxification.
  • It aids in digestion. Not only will this killer combination relive indigestion, it will also help flush you out.

Do you drink lemon water?

DIY: Trendy Hair Ties

BeFunky_hair-ties-6-1024x680.jpgRecently I forgot to bring my hair tie to the tanning salon when I went in to get a spray tan. Laying on the counter was a jar of these “trendy hair ties”. When I went to purchase one I was told $5. HOLLY MOLEY! $5 for a hair tie, of course I paid it. Well needless to saw I loved the expensive hair tie, but thought to myself how easy it would actually be to make if I had the right fabric… so I headed over to Hobby Lobby and it’s all history from there.

What you need:

  • stretch elastic (5/8″ elastic on the glitter and fold over elastic for the rest)

The simple steps:

  • Measure elastic equivalent to wrap around the circumference of your wrist, leaving an extra inch on each side
  • Cut the elastic (a sharp scissor is best to avoid fray; cut on a slight angle)
  • Hold the two ends of the elastic together and wrap them around one finger. Pull the two ends through the loop. (do not pull on the edges of the elastic or it will fray)
  • That’s it!

DIY: T-Shirt Bracelets

  1. Pick out your favorite blank but colorful t-shirts that you won’t miss.


    Created by Amanda

  2. Cut the bottom seam off of each colorful t-shirt.
  3. Cut many strips in many different colors. They don’t have to be a specific size. The thicker they are, the thicker the bracelet will be.
  4. Gather up the strings you want then tie a knot at the top, then tape it down to a table.
  5. Braid, I prefer the fishtail braid.
  6.  Now connect the ends to slip on your wrist or go ahead and tie on your wrist for a tight fit.

DIY- Picture Letters


This past weekend I was at one of my friend’s house who had this adorable frame of pictures of each letter of their last name. I LOVE IT! I went on to ask how much and where to get such frame and she had mentioned it cost about $50. So as I sipped on my wine I got to thinking… $50, I could do this myself.



Step 1: Visit this Flickr gallery and browse the gallery of letters, saving your favorites to your computer.
Step 2: Once you have all of your letter photos saved open up your favorite photo editor where you can create a collage… there’s a lot out there feel free to Google them, I prefer PicMonkey.

Step 3: Upload your letter photos.
Step 4: If you are using PicMonkey you will click on the Layout button (middle one) and choose “Ducks in a Row.” I chose the option with six in a row.

Step 5: Drag and drop your photos into the frames. If you need extra frames drag your photos to the space between the squares to create new spaces.
Step 6: Click on the Palette Icon to adjust the border options. I reduced the spacing and opted for a black border.
Step 7: Now save your picture and “X” out the collage window.

Step 8: Now load the picture you just saved into the main PicMonkey area. Click on the Effects icon (beaker, second from top) and scroll down to Black and White.
Step 9: Hit Apply and you’re finished! Save your picture and you’re ready to print at your favorite site!

Tip: These make great gifts for newly wed. couples.